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    I want to live a healthier lifestyle. Looking for a boost in daily nutrition uptake - 1 bottle per month

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    I am an advanced trainer, 1-2 times daily and/or needs to meet daily dietary requirements. - 2 bottles per month

Recov Bi-Peptide Protein Concentrate - 180 Tablets

Recov is an ultra-powerful and potent protein concentrate, scientifically designed and tested to optimise healing, recovery, and strength. Recov is uniquely made with 100% plasma protein - serum albumin - made up of all 20 plasma amino acids in pre-digested form. Unlike standard protein supplements, Recov comes in a convenient tablet form and is absorbed within 15-25 minutes, so you can take full advantage of your post-workout anabolic window. 

Recov is the only protein formulation that matches human requirements - taken orally, the peptides are quickly recognised, and fast-tracked into the bloodstream. This ultimately results in an anabolic response without the digestion overhead.

Recov works harmoniously as a whole-body supplement which will have you training at your best, allowing you to quickly load up, perform, grow, and recover which will have you repeating “Recov over everything".

Key Benefits

  • Enhance Muscle Strength & Growth
  • Increase Endurance & Focus
  • Reduce Pain & Inflammatory
  • Boost Muscle Repair and Immunity
  • Regulate Metabolism & Hormones
  • Hair, Skin and Nails

How it works

Recov is comprised of the finest quality ingredients and uses 100% plasma protein, serum albumin. Recov has been scientifically proven to provide an abundance of amino acids so that your body can efficiently and effectively repair itself, massively improving recovery times and increasing blood flow. Amino acids are used for growth and muscle regeneration, and Recov peptides are absorbed within 15-25 minutes directly into the bloodstream, which goes to work straight away to help you recover.

Humans are only able to produce 10 of the 20 amino acids, with food supplying the deficit. Failure to obtain these amino acids results in your body’s protein and muscle wasting away to counteract this. With the inclusion of Recov into your training, your body will get the boost it needs to regenerate.

Recov is an effective, efficient, and convenient protein source that is sourced from premium ingredients, so quality is guaranteed. 

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Optimal Performance & Recovery | 6 Tablets Pre Workout + 4 Tablets Post Workout

General Health & Wellbeing | 6 Tablets Daily (1.5 servings)