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Made with 100% plasma protein (serum albumin) - containing all 20 plasma amino acids in pre-digested form, Recov is an ultra-powerful and potent protein concentrate, scientifically designed and tested to optimise healing, recovery, and strength.

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Suitable For Every Goal

Male, female, young or old: Recov has demonstrated results across all ages and stages.

Recov is more than just a protein boost for those in search of additional muscle. Recov is specifically formulated to serve a range of purposes, and support a range of goals. Whether you’re looking to add strength, decrease recovery time, improve mood and sleep, or maintain energy levels, Recov’s premium bi-peptide protein tablets is the complete, convenient solution.

Because it is gentle on the digestive system, and contains no dairy, soy, gluten or other allergens, it’s suitable for even very restrictive diets.

Scientifically designed and tested to optimise healing, recovery, and strength

How Does It Work?

Recov’s powerful Bi-Peptide formula is designed to work with your body, providing the building blocks for muscle growth and maximising strength gains. Because Recov is derived from 100% pre-digested plasma protein, our body can absorb it within 15-25 minutes, meaning we can make use of the full post-training anabolic period.