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Why Amino Acids and Post-Workout Recovery Are a Winning Combo

If you are an athlete passionate about exercise and body conditioning, then you need to have all your ducks in a row. Everything you do and consume before and after a workout dramatically affects your performance. It’s all about a balanced diet of whole foods, a workout schedule that mixes intensity with recovery, and making intelligent choices that will keep you from injury as you consistently make gains. 

In fact, you actually work out so you can recover. After you finish a workout, your body goes through metabolic changes that can increase your muscle mass and improve your workout performance. It’s easy to take post-workout recovery for granted—but it’s one thing you really should not be careless about!

Post-Workout Recovery 101

Arguably, the most crucial part of every workout is the first hour after you finish. You need to give your body the nutrients it needs to rebuild, re-energize, and grow.

Tough workouts lead to depletion of your body’s resources. If you exercise for prolonged periods, your glycogen storage empties out, and your body begins to rely on protein for fuel. Protein is built from a set of twenty amino acids, and these components need to be replenished if you want to build and maintain muscle tissue.

If you are a high-level athlete training every day, it is impractical—maybe even impossible—to depend on food to replace the nutrients that you lose during every workout. This is where protein supplements come in. The body absorbs peptides in protein tablets much more quickly once they are ingested. This way, your body can utilise all the amino acids to synthesise protein!

Amino Acid Replenishment

Increasing muscle mass is primarily centred on breaking down proteins and building them back up. As long as you give your muscles all the nutrients that it needs, you can maintain the breakdown-buildup cycle—and you will continue to get those gains that you are working so hard for.

For effective muscle growth, you need sufficient amino acids to replenish the proteins that your breakdown every time you exercise. And your muscles require all the essential amino acids so you can get the best results! 

Muscle protein synthesis is much more efficient if you replenish the consumed amino acids immediately after every workout. These amino acids should be bound in easy-access products like protein tablets and supplements that your body will digest and absorb quickly.

Amino acids found in plasma are naturally purified, and they contain the complete protein profile that is perfect for athletes. This makes them very efficient upon digestion and highly effective once absorbed. 

Plasma protein does not need extra energy to be digested; instead, it is absorbed into the bloodstream in under 30 minutes. 


For high performing athletes and bodybuilders, every choice you make after your workout is crucial to your success. After a prolonged, intense bout of exercise, you need to act quickly to trigger muscle protein synthesis in your body. You can do this by ingesting supplements rich in all essential amino acids that will replenish all the nutrients you burnt through. Only then can your body rebuild and repair the damage in your muscles.

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