What Are Peptides - Recov Explained

What Are Peptides - Recov Explained

Peptides Explained

Peptides: Explained.

Peptides are short strings of amino acids, usually comprised of around 2-50 amino acids. 

Peptides are similar to proteins, in that both are made up of amino chains - but peptides contain far fewer aminos than proteins, meaning our body can break down and utilise them more efficiently. 

Being much smaller and made up of fewer molecules than protein, peptides are easy for our body to absorb, and can more easily penetrate into our skin, our gut, and our bloodstream.

Where Do We Get Peptides From?

Peptides and proteins are both naturally found in foods, and can be included as part of a healthy diet. Good dietary sources of peptides include:

  • Meat and animal products
  • Eggs
  • Dairy
  • Wheat
  • Oats
  • Fish and seafood
  • Flaxseed
  • Hemp
  • Soy

Unfortunately, many of us don’t get enough of the above in our diet to reap the full benefits of peptides - which is where supplementation comes in.

Even those eating a very balanced, primarily wholefoods-based diet may struggle to get adequate levels of peptides - especially if they are particularly active, athletic, or focused on building muscle and strength gains. Athletes and those with increased muscular recovery needs should consider additional peptide sources.

Different Peptide Types

Peptides come in many shapes and sizes, and with varying health benefits. Scientists are most interested in bioactive peptides - those which have a positive effect on our body and our brain.

From a health perspective, most relevant peptides are di-, tri- or tetra-peptides, which are peptides made up of only two, three or four different amino acids. The benefit of these straightforward chemical compounds is that we know exactly what each amino does - and because the molecular structure is fairly simple, our body has an easier time in digesting them, categorising them, and putting them to work.

Peptides are found pretty much anywhere our body needs assistance in health and wellness gains. Common peptides include collagen (which benefits skin health and anti-aging), and creatine, which contributes to strength and muscle development.

Peptides for Health

Medical research has demonstrated the role peptides can play in many different systems of our body, including their muscle building properties, ability to fight the aging process, and their promotion of anti-inflammatory and digestive health.

Since they are smaller and easily absorbed, peptides can penetrate our body’s barriers which exclude other molecules, and so can assist in muscle building, skin replenishment, gut health, immune function and antioxidant promotion.

And if all that wasn’t enough - peptides also help kill microbes, the tiny living cells which make up harmful bacteria and viruses on our body. 

The Recov Difference

Recov is different from traditional protein supplements because it is formulated exclusively from peptides. Recov is made up of premium 100% plasma protein, serum albumin, which has been scientifically proven to provide 20 plasma amino acids in pre-digested form, so your gut can easily absorb and utilise them.

Just like collagen peptides have been demonstrated to positively impact joint health, skin condition, and anti-aging, Recov’s science-backed peptides play multiple roles: increasing endurance, muscular strength and tone, limiting recovery time, improving gut health and digestion, and positively impacting sleep and mood.

Recov is approved for sport, and is banned-substances tested so is safe for everyday athletes. Because it is so convenient to ingest, Recov peptides allow you to take full advantage of the anabolic window post-training, without putting any stress on your digestive system in the process.

The powerful peptides found in Recov’s premium protein tablets are naturally absorbed quickly and easily, so our body can immediately utilise all 20 of the plasma amino acids to support protein synthesis. This way, we can quickly replace all the protein we burn during daily activities and strenuous exercise.

Unlike whey, casein, and other traditional protein sources, Recov places no stress or inflammation on our bowel, liver or kidneys. This means the full range of amino acids are put to work building and repairing our muscles, rather than getting tied up in our stomach or lost in the journey to our bloodstream.

Recov is the faster acting, easier to digest, and all together more complete solution for all your training and recovery needs. 

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