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3 Effective Ways to Add More Protein Into Your Diet

Whether you’re on a diet or trying to lose weight, you need to have enough protein intake. Sufficient protein intake is also crucial if you’re trying to build muscle. With that, you need to ensure you’re consuming enough grams of protein every day to see the changes that you want in your body. 

Indeed, there are plenty of high-protein diets that you can find; you just need to get out of your comfort zone and try new things. The good news is, a lot of people continuously increase their protein consumption by following simple strategies, such as: 

Research Properly

If you’ve been working out, on a diet for too long or even if you’re not, you know how fast things change in the fitness and nutrition industry. There are new developments that you may find beneficial for you. 

Besides whey protein powder shakes and a chicken breast diet, there are other great sources of protein out there. That’s why it’s essential you research properly. 

Today, you can find protein powder made from various sources, such as hemp, casein and peas. As for foods, there are chia seeds, quinoa and Greek yoghurt that you can try out as well. 

Have a Schedule for Protein Consumption

If you want to increase your protein consumption, you need to schedule it in advance. That doesn’t mean you should plan out every single gram of protein before you eat. Start small by building protein into your routine a few times a week and take it from there. 

For example, increase your protein consumption by scheduling a protein shake three days a week. On the other hand, if it’s weight loss you’re after, schedule protein intake during a time when you usually get the most hungry. 

The key here is to be open to try new things. You can also try different amounts of protein at a different time until you find what works best for you. 

Try Various Forms of Protein

If you’re one of the many who gets so used to eating only a few types of foods all the time, then it’s time to step up your game if you want to increase your protein intake. Variety is an important tool here, and one easy way to do that is to select a substitute food for one you eat frequently. 

On the other hand, if you’re used to getting protein from protein-rich foods, why not try adding whey protein powder shakes and other supplements into your diet? Protein shakes shouldn’t really be a substitute for high-protein foods, but it’s a good thing to have if you want to build some extra muscle. 


Getting enough protein in your body is crucial if you have a body or weight goal. Therefore, follow these tips to help you ensure you’re getting the right amount of protein in your body. That way, you can achieve your target in the fastest way possible. So, go ahead, stock up on protein-rich foods as well as supplements and powders today!

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