The Dos And Don'ts of Muscle Recovery After a Workout

Working out can be really fun! You can make a hobby out of it, use it as a time to unwind, or even drag your friends into a healthy lifestyle with you! However, if you are a new gym buff, you may not have heard about muscle recovery and its importance in building muscle and working out in general. 

This article will shed some light as to the dos and don’ts of muscle recovery, to help you become aware of the proper ways to train. This will ensure that you avoid tearing and injuring yourself as you work out and helping you get the most out of your time at the gym.

What to Avoid

1 - Do Not Overtrain

It is normal to want to see visible results from your efforts to work out, but overtraining is not a good idea. Although you may think that doing more workouts, even if you are tired and need rest will help you build muscle, this just simply isn’t true. You will risk straining your muscles if you do not allow them to have enough time to rest and recover from your previous workout. There is also such a thing as training too much, and it can have devastating effects on the healing of your muscles.

2 - Don’t Eat Too Much Sugar and Fast Food

There is truth to what people say about fast food. Not only is it extremely unhealthy, but sugar and fast foods tend to slow down the recovery of your muscles. It makes it difficult for your body to repair itself after an intense workout. This is why you should avoid eating unhealthy snacks and meals, especially during the times when you are recovering from a workout.

3 - Don’t Concentrate on Isolated Movements

While you work out, it is a good idea to avoid doing isolated movements. This is especially true if your aim is to build muscle. These movements will just overwork a single muscle and prevent it from repairing itself, making it harder for muscle building to happen.

What You Should Do

1 - Do Consume a Lot of Anti-Inflammatory Food

Foods that have anti-inflammatory properties are great when it comes to helping muscles heal and repair themselves. These foods will help any swelling go down and will also relieve any pain that comes with it.

2 - Do Eat a Lot of Protein

This is crucial if you are trying to buff up. Eating a lot of protein and foods that are rich in amino acids will help your muscles repair themselves quickly. The muscles will also be much stronger and firmer, helping you reach your goal of bulking up and building muscle.

3 - Do Compound Movements

Lastly, doing compound movements will also help other muscles heal and fix the damage caused by a workout. You want to aim to exercise all the muscles in your body, not just one or two muscle groups.


If you are trying to get into the groove of working out, eating healthy food, and building muscle, you have to understand that living a healthy lifestyle requires perseverance and persistence. As long as you keep at it for long enough, you will be able to form positive habits that will lead to a better and healthier life. Allowing your muscles to heal and repair themselves is a crucial part of this process. 

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