The Best Supplements for Muscle Recovery

The Best Supplements for Muscle Recovery

We all know that protein is crucial for muscle growth. It's a building block that helps us repair and builds muscle effectively, breaking down the foods we eat to then use as fuel. However, it's only one of the many essential essentials our bodies need to develop and build muscle proactively. 

Essentially, getting the dose of nutrients you need to really hit your personal bests only comes with having the right source available, and that’s where supplements come into the equation. 

For example, choosing supplements with glucosamine sulphate helps prevent loss of cartilage and joint deterioration and provides adequate lubrication on joints. Meanwhile, amino acids can aid skeletal muscle gain. So how do you know what supplements are best for muscle recovery? 

What your supplements should include 

Our muscles are constantly at work at peak performance to keep our body strong and fit – if we're doing everything right, of course. But to push your progress even further and strengthen muscle groups to the next level, supplements should always include a handful of must-have nutrients. In the list below, we run through the best types to have in your daily concoction. 


Magnesium plays a major role in your body's tissue and muscle health and is actually needed for over 300 biochemical reactions across the human body. In fact, it is essential for bone health and muscle relaxation. 

Magnesium works with calcium to generate strong muscle contractions and then calms the muscle tissue down afterward. It does this by acting as a cofactor for more than 300 enzymes in the body. 

However, if the body has higher amounts of calcium than magnesium, then very light or no cramping of the muscles will occur, so it's essential to include both in your choice of supplements. This is because the calcium binds to the magnesium, making it unavailable to cause spasms. Meanwhile, magnesium is an important mineral that works with other minerals in your body to keep you healthy overall, making it an all-around winner.


Protein is vital for muscle growth and recovery and that’s something none of us would really argue against. The argument, however, comes down to how the body actually stores it. 

Overall, protein powder is an excellent addition to your exercise routine if you need to gain a little extra muscle mass. If you are not getting the growth you want, often the cause is a lack of protein to accommodate for how much you are working out. 

Additionally, these crucial proteins include a number of amino acids that ensure our bodies function normally, including leucine, valine, lysine, and arginine. They’re also responsible for adequate muscle recovery, allowing us to get back into the gym sooner. 

Fatty acids

Fatty acids are one of the most vital nutrients for building muscle overall and are used to help regulate blood sugar levels. Beyond this, they provide the body with the ability to produce more muscle growth, giving the building blocks necessary for cell membranes and cell walls. Finally, they're the pinnacle of energy production, making you a powerhouse during your workouts. 

Whether taken through hemp seed oil or in the form of foods like salmon, sardines, trout, tuna, and cod, essential fatty acids are one of the most important supplements for muscle recovery. 

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