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Proteins vs. Amino Acids: Which Is Better for Training?

Without fuel, your body will cease to function. Too little of it, and you might find yourself quickly tired and unable to perform at normal levels. As such, many active individuals, whether they are athletes, gym-goers, or simply those who move a lot, rely on whey and other types of protein food supplements to fuel the body. These proteins are transformed into amino acids, which fuel our muscles. It can also promote muscle building—something many bodybuilders take advantage of to achieve their goals.

Many people wonder whether they should opt for protein powders or amino acids to supplement their training. This article will tackle the differences between these two and help you choose one over the other.

What is the main difference between protein and amino acids?

The main difference between protein and amino acids is that proteins need to be turned into amino acids, while amino acids can be processed by the body right away. Proteins are generally taken into the body through the food we eat, such as meat, fish, beans, and protein powders. On the other hand, amino acids are what proteins are made of. With 22 amino acids in total, nine of them are essential and are responsible for producing hormones, repairing muscles, and more.

In what supplements can I find proteins and amino acids?

Generally, if you are looking for proteins, you can find single protein supplements. These supplements contain only one type of protein and include whey protein, soy protein, and even beef. Blended proteins also exist, offering a variety blended into one mixture to offer the body various sources to digest. 

Like proteins, amino acids also come in single or blended supplements. For single supplements, only one type of amino acid is present in the product. They are generally meant for specific uses, but they can also be for muscle growth. Blended solutions contain various amino acids, achieving essentially the same thing as single supplements but with more amino acids for the body to use.


To end this article, let us answer which one is the better option for you. In many cases, they do the same thing. They facilitate various bodily functions, such as muscle repairs to strengthen the body after a workout. That said, there are still differences that make one choice better than the other. 

For example, protein-packed foods contain varying amino acids the body can use. This is unlike amino acids supplements, which only contain specific amino acids. Also, proteins are better absorbed by the body for various reasons. For those looking for a long-lasting solution, protein is the way to go. 

Plus, proteins are generally cheaper, so if you are under a budget, proteins are the way to go. For more hardcore athletes, using both is an option, as it can provide the body with all the proteins and amino acid it needs to perform quickly and effectively.

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