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The Real Deal About Protein Shakes: When Should I Have It? - Part 1

For anyone who's following a strict diet or wants to add more supplements into their system, protein shakes are a great alternative to boost various fitness goals. But since each person will have their own fitness goal, it just makes sense that their diets and protein shake intake will differ, right?

A lot is being said about protein shakes, and the bulk of misconceptions often root in the fact that people aren't sure of when they're supposed to have it. But the truth is, the timing of your protein shake intake will depend on your end goal. So, even when you're taking the best recovery supplements, but you're not considering your fitness goals, you might not reap its benefits. 

To help you out with this, understand your body goals first: Do you want to build muscle? Or do you want to lose weight? Once you have answered these questions, you'll know the best time to drink your protein shake, allowing you to reach your fitness goals faster and see results right away.

Morning or Night: When Should I Drink My Protein Shake?

Again, the time you drink your protein shake will vary depending on your fitness goals. With that being said, if you're aiming to lose weight, the best time to drink a protein shake is in the morning. The reason behind this is that protein is a crucial nutrient for weight loss, so starting your day with a protein boost can help raise your metabolism all day long. 

Besides that, protein can also reduce your appetite, decrease your levels of hunger hormones, and increase your appetite-inhibiting hormones. This is why drinking protein shakes in the morning is key to help you limit your calories a day, allowing you to lose more weight effectively. 

On the other hand, if you want to build muscles and strength, it's best to drink a protein shake within two hours of your workout. This is because protein is key to muscle building as it breaks down during resistance training or weight lifting. With that being said, whatever time of the day you work out, ensure that you drink a protein shake within the next two hours to ensure your body gets enough protein for your training session. 

Before or After a Workout: When's the Best Time to Drink a Protein Shake?

Essentially, you should drink the best protein supplement sometime around your workout. It doesn't really matter if you drink it before or after. 

Many people in the fitness world believe that you should drink your protein shake within 60 minutes after your workout to ensure you have protein recovery during the anabolic window. This window is known to be when your body gets the most nutrients, such as protein. 

When you consume protein within two hours after your workout, you improve your performance, muscle growth, and muscle repair. However, if you need a protein boost before exercise, you drink a pre-workout supplement so you can get the nutrients you need to help you power through an intensive workout. 

The Bottom Line: The Ideal Time for Drinking a Protein Shake Will Solely Depend on Your Fitness Goals

Your fitness goals play a huge role in when you should drink your protein shakes. If you want to lose weight, drinking a protein shake in the morning will help keep your appetite at bay. If you want to build muscles, drinking the best protein supplement within two hours of your workout is key to help build muscle and improve your workout recovery. 

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