Protein Concentrate Explained

Protein Concentrate Explained

Our bodies need support to get the gains we set our minds on. We're only as good as the strategy we give ourselves to succeed in and outside our training, and half of that responsibility comes down to fueling our bodies with the nutrients it needs to push harder and bigger. One of those essentials is protein concentrate, and there's plenty of buzz about it in the fitness industry.

Essentially, protein concentrates are made from the nutrients extracted from sources like meat. Some are available as an isolate, which means they can be used as an ordinary protein powder, while others come in a tablet form - like our concentrate.

What's the big deal about protein?

Protein is a macronutrient that’s essential to maintaining healthy living and overall wellness. But beyond that, it's the nifty nutrient that gives our bodies the ability to produce and develop more muscle growth and recovery.

On average, the average sedentary person needs about 56 grams of protein per day, making it vital that you consume even more than this if you're working out regularly. The challenge is getting that amount in your diet, especially if you have specific dietary restraints or limits. 

The benefits of protein in a nutshell

This one’s pretty obvious. Protein is one of the only foods that can be used directly to fuel your body and aid recovery. It also provides:

  • the structure to form muscles, organs, and tissue;
  • the energy that drives you to function throughout the day;
  • the antibodies that protect you from infection;
  • the raw materials necessary for all sorts of metabolic processes.

While you can get a lot of this from foods like eggs, cheese, milk, yogurt, lean meat, beans, nuts, seeds, and whole grains, getting the significant amount needed for proper muscle growth means looking into other alternatives - like a protein concentrate.

Enter, protein concentrate 

Concentrates are precisely what you think they are: concentrated. They have been isolated from things like whole meat and removed from various other nutrients to give a more potent dosage. 

When you're unable to eat certain foods that give these proteins, this is a great way to up your boost and get the level you need each day. Additionally, it provides you various types of proteins in one. 

Final notes

Overall, protein is a vital building block for our body - from the cells we need to the muscle growth we want to develop. It's essentially the primary building block of every tissue in the human body, and without it, cells would begin to decay.

Protein concentrates can be a great way to add extra levels to your diet without overloading your system or eating unwanted foods. The trick is to choose a quality supplement that offers this. For example, our Recov Bi-Peptides offer 180 tablets of potent concentrate that's scientifically created to influence recovery, healing and strength. It features 20 plasma amino acids and offers rapid absorbency unavailable in standard alternatives. 

Need more information? Get in touch with our customer service team to find out more about our range.

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