Learn How Recov Works - Recov Explained

Learn How Recov Works - Recov Explained

Recov: Explained.

We’re sure you’ve come across protein supplements before. You might have tried powders and shakes, fortified foods, and maybe even protein capsules. But did you know that Recov is different than 99% of the other products on the market, in the way our body can metabolise, digest and utilise its full amino profile?

Who is Recov Formulated for?

Male, female, young or old: Recov has demonstrated results across all ages and stages. Because it is gentle on the digestive system, and contains no dairy, soy, gluten or other allergens, it’s suitable for even very restrictive diets.

Recov is more than just a protein boost for those in search of additional muscle. Recov is specifically formulated to serve a range of purposes, and support a range of goals. Whether you’re looking to add strength, decrease recovery time, improve mood and sleep, or maintain energy levels, Recov’s premium bi-peptide protein tablets is the complete, convenient solution.

How do you use it?

Your Recov is delivered in ultra convenient tablet form, and can be easily taken with water.

To get the most from your training using Recov premium protein, consume 6 tablets before a workout and 2 tablets immediately after.

To reap the benefits of better mood, increased energy, and a great night’s sleep, 2 tablets every morning and every night should set you on a steady path.

To increase overall health and well-being, with the added bonus of a leaner physical state, 6 tablets daily will have you "kicking goals".

What does it do?

Recov’s powerful Bi-Peptide formula is designed to work with your body, providing the building blocks for muscle growth and maximising strength gains. Because Recov is derived from 100% pre-digested plasma protein, our body can absorb it within 15-25 minutes, meaning we can make use of the full post-training anabolic period.

From a recovery standpoint, Recov is more complete than glutamine or BCAAs, and has a better profile than casein, whey or plant proteins. Because it is naturally derived and contains no allergens or fillers, it’s also gentle on our digestive organs, and therefore suitable for every diet.

The Recov Difference

You might have protein powder in the cupboard already. You might buy RTD shakes on your way out of the gym, or grab a protein bar to go. So why should you consider Recov’s bi-peptides?

Tough workouts deplete our body’s resources, and burn precious stored glucose. When we exercise intensely and for prolonged periods, the level of glycogen stored in our muscles falls, and our body has to rely on our muscle’s aminos acids for fuel. Put simply, this means our body burns protein to fuel us through work - and this protein needs to be replenished if we want to maintain, let alone build, muscle tissue.

The powerful peptides found in Recov’s premium protein tablets are naturally absorbed quickly and easily, so our body can immediately utilise all 20 of the plasma amino acids to support protein synthesis. This way, we can quickly replace all the protein we burn during daily activities and strenuous exercise.

Unlike whey, casein, and other traditional protein sources, Recov places no stress or inflammation on our bowel, liver or kidneys. This means the full range of amino acids are put to work building and repairing our muscles, rather than getting tied up in our stomach or lost in the journey to our bloodstream.

Recov is the faster acting, easier to digest, and all together more complete solution for all your training and recovery needs. 

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Recov is an ultra-powerful and potent protein concentrate, scientifically designed and tested to optimise healing, recovery, and strength. Purchase yours online today.


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