How to Protect your Gut Health - Recov Health

How to Protect your Gut Health - Recov Health

Health from the inside out

We all know how important it is to eat well, and monitor our nutrition. Unfortunately, even the cleanest diet can still result in frustrating, painful digestive issues - which takes a toll on our physical strength, training regime and sports performance. 

Luckily, there are some simple steps you can take to protect your gut health and optimise your time in the gym.


Your gut microbiome, explained

The gut microbiome is the name we give to the trillions of bacteria, fungi and viruses (also called microbes) which live in your stomach and intestinal system. These microbes live in perfect balance, weighing 1-2kg (which is roughly the same as your brain), and basically serve as an additional organ in your body.

We’re born with some level of gut microbiome, but it continues to diversify and grow as we do. First utilised for digesting breast milk, the gut microbiome evolves to digest fibre, control our immune system, and support our brain function. 

The importance of gut health

A healthy gut is more than just problem-free digestion. Your gut plays a key role in your immunity from disease, heart and brain health, sleep, mood, and mental clarity - not to mention the link between a healthy gut and prevention of certain autoimmune diseases and cancers. 

Our gut is physically linked to our brain through millions of nerves, so it helps control the messages our body sends our brain. It’s also the body’s largest producer of serotonin (the ‘happiness hormone’): an unhealthy gut means less serotonin production, which can leave us grumpy, irritable, and generally negatively affected in our moods. 

Gut health also has big impacts on our strength, movement, and physical performance: if we’re feeling slow and sluggish in our gut, and foggy in our brain, we’re definitely not going to perform to our optimum level in the gym or on the field. 


The gut’s role in training

Aside from all the long term health benefits and general improvements that accompany a healthy gut, there’s an even more straightforward link between gut health and body function: protein. 

Adequate protein intake is critical for building and repairing muscle tissue, which our body must do after strenuous exercise. Unfortunately, not all protein supplements are created equal, and some proteins on the market can’t even be digested. There’s no point downing protein shake after protein shake, if those micronutrients aren’t of a type or quality that can be utilised by our gut. We can put the protein in, but if an unhealthy gut disrupts the digestion process, that protein is never going to be put to work building muscle fibres. 

Gut health is also critical if your training goals are aesthetic, as there’s a significant relationship between gut health and weight control. 

Recov and your gut

We know the role a healthy gut plays in your general wellbeing and performance, and we know the consequences of neglecting gut health. But how do we protect and improve our gut, to progress and improve our training performance?

Supplementation is a good start, but the type and quality  of what you are taking is critical. Recov’s premium 100% plasma protein, serum albumin, has been scientifically proven to provide an abundance of amino acids which not only aid in muscle growth and recovery, but also improves digestion and gut health. 

Recov peptides are made up of 20 plasma amino acids in pre-digested form, so your gut can easily absorb and utilise them. Being approved for sport, with no banned substances present, and provided in convenient tablet form, Recov peptides allow you to take full advantage of the anabolic window post-training to optimise muscle recovery, and increase muscle gains, without putting any stress on your digestive system in the process.

And with no added allergens or fillers like many of the market’s protein supplements, those with soy, gluten, dairy or other intolerances will find Recov an easier, safer alternative to promote training, recovery and gut health. 

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