How to Make Your Muscles Recover Faster After Working Out

Sticking to a workout routine can bring along a lot of physical benefits, but pushing yourself to the limit means your muscles undergo a lot of pressure repeatedly. However, muscle recovery is one of the most essential parts that every gym junkie should add to their weekly routines.

Everyone’s bodies are different, meaning some methods can work better than others. There are fundamental steps on how muscle recovery can be sped up, though. This may require just some minor adjustments. 

Here are a couple of ways you can make your muscles recover faster. 

Increase Your Water Intake

Staying hydrated post-exercise is just as important as before and during a workout. The lack of fluids can usually make your muscles a little harder to function, which is why it’s encouraged to drink the right amount daily. Other liquids like energy drinks and chocolate milk may affect your performance, but water really is the most reliable source of hydration for your body. 

Some people may be fine with drinking less than eight cups of water a day, while others need to drink even more than that. It can depend on the person, but one’s thing for sure: avoid getting to the point of being parched. You’ll get conditioned to drink water only when you’re thirsty.

Get the Right Hours of Sleep

So much energy is expended during a workout; one way to build that energy back is by getting some good sleep. Stubbornly staying awake can prevent your muscles from recovering at an optimal speed. It also affects one’s full performance. 

If you’re having a hard time getting a straight eight hours of sleep, be methodical about your sleeping schedule. Put in some time for some afternoon sleeping and resting a little bit after the workout. See what works best for you and your system.

Improve Your Protein Consumption

Another way to have the right energy for muscle recovery is by consuming protein. Out of all the nutrients you consume in your diet, protein is the most important factor in fixing up your muscles after a workout. This means more eggs, yogurt, lean meat and more. 

You can also try a concentrate or a supplement that can increase the amount of proteins you’re taking every day. BCAAs can really help to reduce muscle soreness and tiredness quickly, making it an attractive addition to anyone’s daily routine. 

Schedule Your Days for Recovery

Rested and recovered muscles can assist in better performance when working out, which is why the sessions should be spaced out throughout the week. A beginner will find that they may need more rest days at first, but you can reduce that period when your body has adjusted.

You can still do minimal exercises on recovery days, like stretching and yoga. If there’s a bit of muscle pain preventing you from doing even light movements, running a cold bath might help soothe your muscles and better their strength. 


By taking these steps, you’ll be well-rested before your warm-up and ready for the workout. You also lessen your chances of injury or getting tired quickly by having strong and healthy muscles that are just about ready for anything. 

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