How to Increase Endurance and Go Further - Recov Endurance

How to Increase Endurance and Go Further - Recov Endurance

Build your Endurance Capacity

Getting strong in the gym requires consistency, patience and effort. The only way to reach the top is by putting in 100% effort, and building the strength and stamina to push harder with every single workout.

To optimise your strength gains and improve athletic performance, you need to build the stamina to take you through those gruelling sweat sessions. Increase your endurance, and you’ll naturally fit more into your training schedule… and find you’ve got the energy to push through life’s challenges too.

What do we mean by endurance?

Endurance is the capacity to withstand an unpleasant or difficult process or situation, and last through wear and tear. In a training context, this manifests as the ability to go for longer, maintaining intensity and pushing harder with every rep.

Endurance can be time-based or stimulus based. It might mean running or cycling for longer, or it might mean picking up that heavy deadlift bar more times this week than you did last week. What it definitely means, is developing the physical and mental strength to stare down a challenge, push through, and carry yourself out the other side.

Developing gym-based endurance has “real world” applications too: endurance on the gym floor can translate to getting through long business meetings or energy-consuming activities with the family.

Building stamina in the gym

Increasing stamina starts with movement and exercise. You’ve probably heard that you can optimise training for endurance by pushing through longer sets at a constant intensity, but you can also play with endurance training by lengthening your cardio sessions, or adding a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) finisher to your resistance block.

In fact, HIIT training is demonstrated to be one of the most effective endurance builders: by constantly spiking your heart rate and pushing your cardio system to its limits, you’re teaching it how to expand those limits.

To really push the boundaries of what your body can do, you must pay close attention to the fuel and stimulus required to train intensely, consistently. This style of training requires support on all fronts, and means you’ll have to take a holistic approach: diet, sleep, stress and environment will all play a role.

The importance of proper recovery

Life is just like a HIIT session: the rest periods are equally important as the periods of intensive activity. Developing strength and stamina requires balance - what you give out, you must also take in!

If you pay more attention to recharging your phone’s battery than you do to recharging your own, you could be heading for a full system failure. Optimising your nutrition, stress management and environmental factors gives your body a chance to properly recover. And incorporating a premium protein supplement post-workout means replenishing your body’s depleted resources, and kick-starting your recovery so you can go harder, and further, in your next workout.

How Recov can help

As a premium protein supplement specifically formulated for immediate human digestion and uptake, Recov will fast track your endurance gains by supporting muscle repair and growth, aiding in a fully optimised recovery.

With its proven whole body benefits, Recov’s peptide tablets also help reduce stress and inflammation in the body, leading to a heightened mood and a great night’s sleep. Including Recov in your pre- and post-workout routine aids your body’s recovery from all angles. With Recov on your side, you’ll be surprised just how much further you can push in your next training session.

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