How to Grow Stronger and Recover Faster - Recov Strength

How to Grow Stronger and Recover Faster - Recov Strength

Strength Fundamentals

If you’re looking to make serious strength gains in the gym, you’ll need more than one training buddy. Good nutrition and regular weight training are the fundamental building blocks - but if you really want to grow stronger and push harder, you have to get smart about protein intake, too. 

And when it comes to muscle building, consistency is key. What that means, is that you need to be on top of your recovery, to make sure you’re always ready to hit the gym and go again.



The benefits of strength training 

Strength training is more than just getting shredded or building an impressive body. From an aesthetic standpoint, sure - getting stronger means bigger muscles, a leaner frame, and overall more toned physique. 

But physical strength plays a far greater role in our health and happiness. Strength training is closely linked to hormone production and regulation, so picking up the weights can help pick up your mood. There’s also a direct connection between strength training and increased cardio fitness and weight control, and strength training has been shown to improve bone density and joint mobility as we age.

What your body needs to grow stronger 

In terms of your body’s ability to form, store and repair muscle tissue, there are a few fundamentals: lots of compound lifting, lots of daily calories, and lots of protein.

But protein synthesis - the process of breaking down and storing protein - doesn’t happen equally with all protein sources. You can pour low quality protein in, but if your body can’t break it down and utilise it, it’s not going to translate to muscle gains.

To ensure you are maximising your body’s ability to get stronger, and to replenish and refuel your body’s depleted resources, you need a quick protein hit within 30 minutes of your training session.

Recovering from your workout

If you’re training at your peak, and pushing to your limits, there is going to be muscle soreness. But if you want to generate results and keep growing over time, you need to find a way to keep your training consistent, minimise your rest time, and recover from one workout so you can move on to the next.

The answer is a solid recovery strategy, which is multifaceted, and incorporates techniques to reset both your body and mind. A premium protein supplement like Recov’s protein tablets works on both fronts - giving your muscle tissue an instant protein boost to fast-track physical recovery, and encouraging neurogenesis for healthy brain function.

How can Recov help?

Powerful protein concentrate like Recov’s premium protein tablets are naturally and specifically formulated to be immediately available and easily digestible, so you can train harder, grow stronger, and recover quicker every day. 

Recov is an ultra-powerful protein concentrate derived from 100%, pre-digested plasma protein. Recov is specifically formulated to maximise protein synthesis, and is utilised by elite athletes and Olympians to maximise strength gains and aid in recovery.

Being an easily digestible, convenient and super-effective protein tablet, Recov allows you to take full advantage of the 2 hour anabolic window post work-out, so timing your nutrient uptake is a no-brainer. No more messing around with shakers, powders, or messy supplement tubs: straightforward strength gains, which translates to better athletic performance and better recovery, is easier and more efficient with Recov. 

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