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5 Diet Mistakes That Will Reverse Your Weight Loss

Losing weight often seems like a perpetually moving goal post since you constantly have to adjust your diet and exercise regimen to achieve the results you want. Sometimes, you plateau, requiring a further tweak here and there in your protein intake and cardio. However, many people make too many changes in their diet, causing them to regain everything they’ve worked so hard to lose, throwing them right back into square one.

Whether you’re new to health and fitness or several months into your journey, you’ve likely heard multiple times of the importance of incorporating as much protein as possible into your diet. They’re vital for building muscle and recovering muscle loss after engaging in high-intensity workouts, helping you stay fit and sculpted. It also assists you in losing weight since it takes longer to break down, making you feel full for longer. Still, people make many mistakes when looking for the best protein to build muscle, ultimately reversing their weight loss. Here are five diet mistakes to avoid:

Indiscriminately Taking Any Kind of Protein

While adding protein to your diet is crucial for losing weight, not all protein is created equal. It’s essential to find the best protein that will truly help you lose weight, such as lean protein sources like chicken and fish. While lamb and pork are full of protein, they also contain much more fat, so you’ll need to be discerning about your protein sources.

Failing to Spread Protein Across All Meals

Many people make the mistake of loading up on protein in one meal out of three, which can backfire. Spreading your protein across all your meals and snacking on protein-rich foods like nuts or boiled eggs will ensure a steady supply of amino acids, guaranteeing that you’re hitting your protein quota. It also encourages you to eat a balanced diet that focuses not only on protein but other vital nutrients as well.

Removing All Carbs From Your Diet

While carbohydrates contribute to weight gain, they play a vital role in providing you with the energy you need to exercise and perform various activities. For this reason, removing carbohydrates or other types of macronutrients from your diet will deprive you of what your body requires to function well, as protein cannot fulfil these roles alone. Instead, aim for a balanced diet of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, but control your carbohydrate intake.

Neglecting Portion Control

Thinking that high-protein food does not contribute to weight gain is often what causes people to pack on the kilograms without understanding why. Eating too much of anything is harmful, including protein, as they will all result in a calorie overload. To lose weight, you must create a calorie deficit, which means controlling how much protein you eat. Whatever extra calories you eat, they’ll be turned into fat.

Not Drinking Enough Water

Lastly, not drinking enough water will negatively affect your body in various ways. You’ll feel thirsty all the time, deal with constipation, be more susceptible to heat exhaustion, seizures due to electrolyte loss, nd many more. Staying hydrated will help you feel full longer and fight away cravings that will compromise your efforts while aiding the digestion of the high-protein you’ve been eating. It will also help you perform better during your workouts.


Getting the right amount of protein in your body and taken the right way is important for losing weight and building muscle. By avoiding these diet mistakes, you’ll enjoy better results and build a body you’d be proud of.

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