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BCAAs and Protein Powder: Our Basic Introduction

After working out for some time now and racking up your experience as a budding gym buff, you’re bound to learn a handful of lessons that will be instrumental in your fitness journey.

So far, you’re likely seeing great changes with your program dialled in and your diet controlled down to a T—the ideal turn out that you’re expecting after seeing success stories and guides. Thanks to the right amount of discipline, learning, and advice from coaches and professionals, you’re determined to take your efforts to the next level and unlock your body’s full potential.

The one aspect of training and two supplements that matter

While there are different aspects of your workout routine and progress that you’d like to take care of as you bump up your pump and aim for more gains, the fact is that you’ll want to hit the gym harder. It may sound cliché, but simply working out harder and performing every rep and set with much more effort is undoubtedly going to set you up for supercharged results. 

But beyond your food, rest, and programming, hitting the gym much harder than last time requires investing in the right supplements that will allow the right results to fall into place. Among the different types of items that you should watch out for, there are two key products that are guaranteed to help you gain better results: branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) and protein powder. 

Understanding both supplements

When you dissect the key factors to any successful bodybuilder, fitness personality, or aesthetic icon’s regimen, you’ll notice that the intake of both BCAAs and protein powder is rarely out of the picture. Considering that both of these supplements are critical for helping anyone hit the gym harder for better results and optimal recoveries, it’s safe to say that you should also start stocking up on them.

To help you best understand what BCAAs and protein powder can do for your fitness journey and how they can help you work harder, recover better, and achieve more, let’s look at them in further detail:

Protein powder

Building upon the need to provide the body with one of the most important components for muscle growth and recovery, protein powder holds a sort of “legendary” status in the fitness world today.

The premise of this supplement is simple: instead of spending too many calories or stomach space on getting your body enough protein to fuel your muscles, it provides a sufficient amount in an easier form. Made with whey or casein (and in the case of some products, plant sources like peas, hemp, and rice), protein powders make fueling recovery much more convenient and make the whole process more effective! 

Branched-Chain Amino Acids

Seen as the complement of protein powder, BCAAs are often seen as the “ultimate” post-workout supplement because of how they help complete the overarching effect that the above-mentioned supplement seeks.

Although your body produces 11 out of the 20 total amino acids that it needs, BCAAs step in to cover up for the remaining nine it doesn’t make—namely leucine, isoleucine, and valine—so you can build and repair muscle with ease. Apart from the fact that this supplement provides your body with the nine essential amino acids that it doesn’t produce, the one benefit that makes this supplement so essential is that it can help your progress immensely! 

Is there anything else you should stock up on?

At this point, you might have the expectation that your body doesn’t need any other supplements aside from BCAAs and protein powder because of how they cover all bases. Yet, it also helps to support the effect these two critical supplements have by investing in other supplements for a more well-rounded effect after your sweat sessions!

One helpful supplement you can add to your stack is Recov’s extremely powerful and potent Bi-Peptide Protein Concentrate. Scientifically designed to optimise healing, recovery, and strength, our protein supplements are made with 100% plasma protein, 20 plasma amino acids, and serum albumin! 


While there are different products and supplements that you need to watch out for when training or working out, two critical products that will always be great investments are BCAAs and protein powder. By the time you incorporate these two supplements into your regimen, you’ll be able to take your results to the next level and help ensure that your body gets the support it needs!

If you're looking for the best muscle recovery supplement in Australia, look no further, as Recov is exactly what you need. Check out our protein supplements today to place your order! 

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