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4 Incredible Reasons to Bump Up Your Protein Intake

Pondering if you should eat more protein to really boost your workout routine? This is the question you might be asking yourself, especially if you have recently started to train and want to make some gains! 

Unlike fats and carbs, people generally agree that protein is great and that you should eat them. This is not to say that fats and carbs are bad; they're also vital, but way too many people have too much fats and carbs in their diets! On the other hand, not many people eat enough protein. Some might want to eat more to prevent deficiency, but others simply need more for other reasons, like weight loss and metabolic health!

Regardless of why you want to eat more protein, here are excellent reasons to start taking more of that good stuff:

It Is Healthy For Your Bones

Not many people realise that protein is actually good for the bones. In fact, too many people have heard of the myth that protein is bad for it! 

However, this is proven to be untrue. People who eat more protein have been seen to maintain great bone mass and lower the risk of issues like fractures and even osteoporosis. As such, eating plenty of proteins will mean your bones stay healthy, keeping well away from certain health issues.

It Fights Cravings and Lowers Appetite

Cravings generally occur because an individual did not eat enough protein in their diet. Protein solves this by giving the body that satiated feeling! In other words, protein helps you to feel more full, even with less food, hence the lower appetite. 

This is an excellent benefit to keep in mind, especially if you are trying to lose weight. Protein will help you eat less while still feeling full, meaning your body will not be forced to store unnecessary calories into fat reserves and burn what is already being stored.

It Helps Build Muscle and Strength

This benefit is perhaps the one fact that many people researching protein have already realised. The body uses protein to build muscles, and it is by eating protein-rich foods that the body is supplied with the necessary ingredients to repair and strengthen the muscle. 

If you are physically active and doing training such as resistance training, taking in protein will allow your body to recover faster and increase in strength. 

It Facilitates Fat Burning via an Increased Metabolism

Protein is known to boost metabolism. Unlike fats and carbs, the body has to use more calories to digest high-protein food items. This is known as a thermic effect—and protein is known to be 20% higher than fats and carbs. When you eat protein, you are essentially increasing the calories that you burn, along with boosting your metabolism. This helps you burn even more fats to reduce your weight.


There are tons of other benefits that protein has to offer, all of which are excellent reasons to start increasing your protein intake. From helping you to stay fit to allowing your body to quickly recover, protein is the magic ingredient people generally lack to improve their health and overall quality of life! If you have an active lifestyle, do consider increasing your protein intake if you are not already taking enough. You will get to enjoy all the benefits protein has to offer, not to mention strengthen your body to be ready for more rigorous physical activities.

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