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3 Tips to Prevent DOMS and Soothe Muscle Soreness

Whether you’re new or a veteran of the fitness world, every person who strives to achieve an active and healthy lifestyle know the pains that come with building your strength. Pushing your workout routine to greater heights - be it through weight-lifting, intensive training, and other high-octane exercises - often come with aching muscles that creep up after a few days. 

The pain and soreness you feel 24 to 72 hours after a good fitness session are called Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). While it can make you feel like you’re carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, it’s a natural occurrence when your body is suddenly introduced to increased activities. 

Despite the aches fading over time, muscle soreness can still feel disruptive, so what can you do to get back on track with your routine and fast-track your recovery?

Tip #1: Apply Ice to Sore Spots After Workouts

Putting your body under extreme stress can cause the muscles to swell, which can be painful when you leave it unattended. Applying an ice pack to sore muscles can relieve the inflammation, though be sure to alternate between resting, applying ice, compressing, and elevating the target areas for athletes. 

Tip #2: Apply Heat Therapy Before Workouts

If cold therapy is good for reducing swelling and inflammation after a sweaty workout, then applying heat using packs, warm baths, or showers before exercising can minimise the chances of muscle soreness. This is because heat can promote blood flow and loosen the body up. The more relaxed your muscles are, the lower the risks of getting an injury when exercising. 

Tip #3: Consume Protein Before and After Training 

Protein is known for being the best nutrient that strengthens muscle fibres; that’s why gym buffs, weight-watchers, athletes, and people with active lifestyles can benefit from increasing their protein intake since it can heal torn muscle tissues and lower the impact of DOMS. 

Beyond consuming protein-rich foods, adding protein supplements to your diet can do wonders for your post-workout recovery, allowing you to boost your performance without suffering the achy consequences. 

The Bottom Line: Say Goodbye to “No Pain, No Gain” by Enhancing Your Fitness Journey with the Right Diet and Supplements

Recovering from muscle soreness doesn’t have to eat up days to weeks if you take all the steps you need to optimise your body’s healing capabilities. In that regard, protein comes on top as the most effective at repairing torn muscle tissue. Fortunately, there are protein supplements that can take the hassle out of your fitness routine since they can enhance muscle strength and speed up your post-workout recovery. 

Where can I Find the Best Muscle Building Supplements in Australia

Getting the optimal protein intake to boost your muscle-building journey can be tricky and time-consuming, but the good news is that there are protein supplements that can bolster your fitness routine and fast-track your recovery. 

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